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Floor Stand Presentation Displays and Exhibit Display Panel Systems –Easy Online Ordering at Displays4Sale.com

Choosing the right Freestanding Exhibit Panel or Presentation Display System
is just as important as the materials being presented. Unless the people you are presenting to can easily view, or perhaps touch, what is being presented in a convenient and effective way, you may not get the response or interest that you are hoping to get with your exhibit. The freestanding presentation panel displays and exhibit panel floor stands offered on Displays4sSale vary in size and materials.

We also offer several art display panel systems so that you can select the exhibit display system that meets your display needs as well as your budget. Browse our product lines of high quality display panel systems. When you find the freestanding presentation display or exhibit panels system that fits your requirement, you can order securely online. Many of the larger Display Panel Systems includes free shipping. Call, if you have any questions or if you prefer to order by phone.

The following Free Standing Presentation Displays and Display Exhibit Panels are Offered on Displays4Sale:
  • Literature Loop Fabric Panel Displays –Large Freestanding Single Display Panel
    Do you have lots of literature to display? Consider the Loop Fabric Literature Display Panel. This freestanding panel display provides a large area to present your printed booklets, brochures, product sheets, folders and other printed messages. These tack board panels are covered with loop fabric, come in nine fabric colors and allow you to hang and display your literature using simple push pins, Velcro circle tabs, or Velcro hook and loop tape. Literature Display Panels come with 12 acrylic literature pockets designed to hold 8 1/2" x 11" materials to hold your literature and 200 hook tab circles.

    Fabric Display Panels are constructed with sturdy steel framework and is available in a Light Gray baked enamel finish. The literature panels come in two panel display sizes: 40” x 48” and 48” x 66” and is supported with one pair of snap-lock display feet to move around in any interior environment. This is considered a Full Size Display and Exhibit Panel, is easy to set up and comes with connecting brackets to expand your literature panel exhibit to create a display system with multiple configurations.

  • Loop Fabric Floor Exhibit Panel Displays with 3 Freestanding Display Panels
    Connect these large fabric exhibit panels and create a display system to showcase lots of art, photos, charts, maps, information and other lightweight printed materials for everyone to view. This sturdy display panel framework is constructed in steel and comes in a light gray finish. Easy-to-use Display and Exhibit System is designed with fabric panels that are viewable on both sides of the display panel. Loop Fabric Panels are available in two popular colors, blue and silver.

    Connect all Three Display Exhibit Panels or Have Them Stand Alone
    With the connecting brackets provided, you can attach all three panels or use them as stand along display panels. The large 48” x 66” Loop Fabric Exhibit Display Panels sizes give you plenty of room to work with. These durable panels feature attractive loop fabric mounted over tackboard, allowing you to mount your materials with push pins, or Velcro-like hook tab circles or hook tape. Floor exhibit display panels are ideal for corporate offices, lobbies, employee areas, schools, churches, community centers, libraries and hotels meeting rooms
  • Loop Fabric Floor Exhibit Panel Displays – Single Panel
    Two-Sided Loop Fabric Free-Standing Presentation Display Panels. If you are looking for just one large display or exhibit panel, this freestanding, single panel display features an attractive loop fabric over tackboard that can display lots materials, including; art, photos, posters, information, instructions, charts and maps. The floor standing exhibit display panel is 48” wide x 66” high and allows you to easily mount and display your materials on both sides of the panels with push pins and Velcro.

    Connect Several Panels to Expand Your Exhibit Display Stand
    The tubular steel framework provides a sturdy display fixture that allows you to add several Loop Fabric Panels to expand you exhibit display into a variety of floor configurations. The steel structure comes in a light gray baked enamel finish with a choice of 9 loop fabric colors to fit into a wide-ranging interior décors. Art Display Panel Connectors are included with each exhibit panel, but be sure to order display feet if the panel is a stand alone unit.
  • Portable Fabric Floor Display Panels – Single Panel Display Center with Casters
    This one floor stand display can post a large amount of informational materials, as well as art, charts photos and a variety of literature. Portable Loop Fabric Display Panel features a 48” x 66” free standing panel that’s viewable on both sides. The fabric surface uses push pins, Velcro hook tape or Velcro tabs to mount your materials. Heavy-duty casters allow you to effortlessly move the exhibit panel around, and can be locked in place. You can also remove the casters and use with sturdy support feet that’s included with each panel.

    9 Popular Fabric Panel Finishes to Enhance Your Decor
    Tubular steel framework provide a study display unit that’s finished in durable, baked enamel.  You have an option of either a beige or light gray frame finish. The free standing Exhibit Panel display allows you to choose from 9 Loop Fabric Display Panels colors that best fit your interior décor. Panel fabric colors are: Red, Blue, Yellow Green, White, Black, Silver, Charcoal or Beige.
  • Portable Pegboard Floor Display Panels with Rolling Casters
    Pegboard displays are often used in distributor showrooms, retail stores, service centers and other interior locations. This large pegboard panel display features rolling casters (wheels) to move the peg board display to other areas quickly and easily. The Pegboard Panel Display size is 48” w x 66” high with an overall height of 80” and is viewable on 2-sides.This is one large pegboard panel!

    Peg Board Rolling Casters are Included or Use Optional Fixed Panel Feet
    Heavy-duty casters make your pegboard display easy to roll around and re-position, and can be locked in place for added security. Or remove the casters and use with sturdy support feet (included). The steel framework, as well as the pegboards, comes in a Light Gray, Black or White finish. The Portable Pegboard Panel surface can be used with Nylon or Steel Pegboard Hooks. These specially designed peg board hooks enable you to hang items close to the panel's surface and can be ordered separately. The freestanding pegboard display panel is a study fixture that allows you to post informational materials or light product packaging or other small lightweight items.
  • Portable Presentation Fabric Panel Displays –Unfold and Start Presenting
    It’s Simple. It’s Quick. Just unfold the fabric panels and highlight all types of presentation materials. This presentation display is a portable display system that’s convenient for a variety of tabletop and desktop applications. Choose from two display panel sizes: 20”x24” and 24”x36”. Take it with you, whether you’re driving, or flying or going across town or just moving from room to room, don’t leave your presentation behind. Fold-able Portable Presentation Displays are lightweight and designed for quick to set up.

    The Compact Panel Size Makes It Ideal For Displaying: class lessons, board presentations, student papers, trade show information, instructions, plus many other materials on counter tops, tabletops or desktops. The Portable Presentation Display also moves easily to the floor for teaching at “kid-level.” Portable presentation display panels come with four 2-sided silver loop fabrics panels that can be set up with 5 different display configurations, and can be folded, packed and carried off in an instant, with display materials intact. An optional carrying case is available for the Portable Presentation System.
  • Portable Vinyl Floor Display Panels - 2 Sided Info Display Center Stand
    This is one outstanding large display tackboard panel that’s always on the move. The Portable Vinyl Art Display Stand is a presentation panel with heavy duty casters (wheels). It rolls easily where you want it and locks into place for added security. Display a wide range of information and materials including photos, charts, maps, art, and other thin lightweight materials onto durable tackboard panels covered with vinyl. The two-sided art display panel dimension is 48” x 66” portrait shaped and can be used with push pins, thumbtacks or staples.

    Free Standing Portable Vinyl Display Panel with Sturdy Steel Framework
    Tubular steel frames are enhanced with durable, baked enamel finish. The steel structure provides a strong and stable art display panel system. Choose from either the Light Gray or Beige finish frames. The self healing tackboard panel comes in Gray or Beige to compliment the framework. Casters are removable and can be replaced with sturdy, snap-lock fixed display stand feet, included with Tackboard Display Floor Stand.
  • Vinyl Tackboard Floor Exhibit Displays (Includes 3 Large Panels)
    Easily connect all three large Vinyl Tack Board Display Panels to create a floor standing, multi panel display system or use them as or stand alone tack board display panels. These Exhibit Display Panels give you plenty of room to work with on both the front and back of the large tackboard panels. Free Standing Art Display Panels feature self-healing tackboard covered in vinyl to post materials using push pins, thumbtacks or staples.

    Steel Construction Provides Study Free Standing Tackboard Panels
    You can rely on this easy-to-use Display and Exhibit System. Attractively designed vinyl tackboard panels are assembled onto a steel framework that provides a study floor stand. The 48” x 66” High exhibit display panels come with straight, 90 and 120 degree brackets for multiple configurations. For set up individual free standing tack board panels, order option snap-lock display feet. Floor exhibit display panels are ideal for indoor uses including: offices, lobbies, employee areas, schools, churches and community centers, libraries, sopping centers entrances, art shows and hotels meeting rooms.
  • Two-Sided Vinyl Tackboard Presentation Display Stands
    Large floor standing single panel display features attractive vinyl over tackboard panel. The tackboard exhibit display panel is 48” x 66” high with an overall height of 78” That a lot of space to fit a lot of information and printed materials –and on both sides of the panels! Materials can be easily displayed and held in place with push pins, thumbtacks, or staples. This Free Standing Tackboard can be used for varied presentations including photo and art display panel system used in art shows, school exhibitions and community centers.

    Connect Several Tackboard Panels to Expand your Exhibit
    If you require more than one free standing display panel, you can add several Vinyl Tackboard Panels to expand your exhibit display. The sturdy tubular steel framework has a light gray or beige baked enamel frame finish with your choice of a gray or beige vinyl tackboard panel. Connecting hardware is included to attach the panels together, but be sure to order snap lock display feet, sold separately if you plan to use the displays individually.


  • Indoor Free Standing Presentation Display Panels with Vinyl Tackboards are Ideal Displays:
    For photos, art, posters, instructions, charts, literature and other lightweight materials for a variety indoor display applications and environments including: Schools and Universities, Office Conference and Meeting Rooms, Store Entrances and Lobbies, Employee Areas, Churches and Community Centers, Libraries, Law Enforcement Agencies, Hotel Meeting Rooms. Art Shows, Shopping Centers, Military Facilities and Government Agencies.

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